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At Silverpoint Display we are passionate about retail display. We love to create stunning displays to make your brand stand out. We love to make sales figures jump. And we love it when our clients tell us we’ve made a difference.
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Silverpoint in Hong Kong

Silverpoint in Hong Kong

When you’re as busy as our team are, it can be really useful to get out and about to be inspired and meet new people, which is exactly what Sean did when he headed out to Cosmoprof Asia recently.

Cosmoprof is one of the most important B2B beauty exhibitions, bringing together the best of the beauty industry, including distributors, suppliers and buyers.

One of those distributors was our wonderful client, W7 who were exhibiting their cosmetics products. We’d worked with W7 to design and manufacture a bright, engaging exhibition stand and displays, incorporating:

  • a life size telephone box
  • neat in stand storage
  • clever use of lighting, and
  • zoned seating areas for guests

Pretty impressive, and ambitious, so true to our ethos of customer service excellence, Sean and the team weren’t afraid to get their hands dirty and go the extra mile ( or 5969 miles in this case!)

The team installed all this into the event space and made sure every centimetre was absolutely perfect- if you know Sean, you’ll know he’s something of a perfectionist!

Job done, Sean then set about exploring the exhibition, soaking up the atmosphere and getting inspiration down every aisle. There were some brilliant exhibitors, with creative stands, really pushing the boundaries of retail display and trade show stands.

There was also a little time to take in the sights and sounds of Hong Kong, what a city!

All in all, it was a great trip and the visitors we spoke to all thought the W7 stand looked incredible. Do you agree?