Point of Purchase Displays - Silverpoint Display
Innovative, effective visual merchandising materials to support your in-store goals. Find out more about our process and previous work.
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Point of Purchase Displays

Effective point of sale displays (sometimes referred to as point of purchase) are key to a strong brand strategy and form a large part of what we do at Silverpoint.

Just adding a logo and some branding to a display is not enough.

We innovate and create unique, engaging point of sale materials to help raise brand profiles all over the world.

As the high street gets ever more competitive, it’s essential for retail brands to invest in impactful point of purchase activity which cuts through other ‘visual noise’.


Silverpoint create. We aren’t restricted by what’s been done before or what ‘the norm’ in POS might be.

If you can imagine it, we’ll make it happen. We turn ideas into reality.

Do you need bespoke, branded POS? Our designers can “translate” that specification for our manufacturing team to build.

Perhaps you are looking for :

• Display stands • Shelf talkers •

• Temporary promotional display stands • Giant replica models •

• Seasonal merchandising • Price tags 

Wobblers Banners• Packaging 

We create all these and more.


Our Point of Purchase Design Process

We support our clients with the whole POS process. As well as design, manufacture and installation, we partner them to become an integral part of their brand.

Our research into customer demographic, brand positioning, product USPs, and even tone of voice, are all relevant to a design.

Before we start designing and building your point of sale we work with you to:

1. Review the current point of sale material. What does it say about your brand?
2. Research your customers. How might POS impact on their customer journey?
3.Understand and assess the decision to change existing materials.
4. Plan where and how your point of purchase materials will be positioned in-store.

This process helps our expert team design the POS materials you need in order to make your product irresistible to potential customers and deliver return on investment.

Point of Sale Manufacture & Install

Our team don’t just design point of purchase displays that work, we manufacture them here in the UK and install them anywhere in the world.

Our unrivalled reputation is built on delivering exceptional customer service alongside innovative design and quality British manufacturing.

We do this because we care about your brand as much as you do.

To find out more about how we can help your brand, complete our contact form or give us a call direct on 0161 221 2217.