Retail Merchandising Materials - Silverpoint Display
Innovative, effective visual merchandising materials to support your in-store goals. Find out more about our process and previous work.
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Retail Merchandising Materials

Retail merchandising allows the expansion of our imagination, reaching out to the audience.

Effective VM material captures your customers interest, behaving like a “lure” to invite and excite them about your product.

Whether a CTU for a counter top space beside the checkout, or a giant product replica taller than a person, visual merchandising is ALWAYS carrying a message on behalf of your brand, services and products – “notice me, look at me, buy me!”

The way a product is merchandised carries a subconscious message to the intended audience telling them a lot about that product and capturing the brand as a whole.

What message is your merchandising sending?


Retail Merchandising Design

For Silverpoint, the best thing about retail merchandising is being given the opportunity to interpret your brand into a tangible product!

We’re driven by great design and manufacture in best quality merchandising materials so we can let our creativity shine.

Great design and innovative ideas need to work together and to ensure this we:

Review your previous VM material with you to understand previous activity

Learn about your customers, how they think, what they expect of your product

Gain insight into why you need new retail merchandise to understand your objectives

A clear brief and fresh perspective alongside our capabilities, allows us to create something in partnership to support and deliver your visual merchandising objectives.

Merchandising Manufacture and Installation

Adventurous ideas and innovative retail merchandising concepts need to be supported by robust processes and high quality manufacturing.

The reason we manufacture every piece of merchandising materials ourselves, right here in the UK is because we are hands on. All the way through the process. This avoids confusion during briefing, maintains build standards and ensures logistics issues cannot happen.

We are on call throughout the process; from first scribbles of the design idea through to installation and even adding the finishing touches once your VM is in place, in store.

Silverpoint ethos is to give every customer the service we would like to receive ourselves.

You can’t deliver any better than that!

To discuss your visual merchandising ideas simply fill in our contact form or call us on 0161 221 2217.