Pop Up Retail Stands - Silverpoint Display
Seasonal pop up retail stands to take your brand further. Find out how we can make an impact together.
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Pop Up Retail Stands

How many times have you pulled out the same, saggy, tired pull-up banners or posters when you’re showcasing your brand outside your own retail space?

How often do you have to wrestle with small merchandising materials designed for smaller spaces, to try and fill the display area?

Pop up retail stands might just be the answer!

Pop up retail stands (or pop up shops) are increasingly used by market savvy brands who recognise a need for temporary, but instant, extensions of their promotional activity.

This could be to test response in new territory, for a product launch or to bring the brand closer to customers and allow them to get ‘up close and personal’ by making it accessible.

These clever little units can be designed to mirror the brand, recreated entirely on message and readily lend themselves to reflecting a “Mini ME” to endorse and support other brand activity.

Pop ups bring the brand to meet the audience.


Pop Up Retail Stand Design

 We like to think of ourselves as an extension of your in-house team, able to bring innovation and understanding to your retail stands. To develop a pop up solution which works for your brand and team we:

Review other VM material to understand the wider picture.

Research your customers and how to interact effectively with them.

Explore the environment where pop ups are to be used and how to make best use of space.

Plan practical, innovative pop up retail solutions which will reach out to your audience and offer additional “shop window” by bringing you closer to your customers.

It may be that you’d like additional merchandising at an event or to make a promotional statement away from the usual retail space or to focus on the launch of a new product.

Our talented designers will bring this vision to life.

Pop up retail stands are highly effective for seasonal promotions such as Christmas, Valentine’s Day and Easter so the design team will “theme” these materials accordingly to make sure they ‘shout out’ to their audience.

Whatever the occasion or objective, a well implemented pop up stand can be highly effective.

Pop Up Retail Manufacture and Installation

Whether your retail stands are for street fairs, festivals, commercial events or seasonal activity, we manufacture in-house within the UK.

We do this to ensure quality, efficiency and best use of resources because we care about our clients’ reputation.

Our hands-on approach means we’re able to be innovative with our creations because the design, manufacturing and installation teams can work together, to create a unique solution.

When it comes to installation, simplicity is key.

We create pop up stand which do exactly that which means they can be installed and dismantled effortlessly, leaving you to interact with your customers.

To discuss your pop up retail requirements simply fill in our contact form or call us on 0161 221 2217.