A personalised in-store experience leads to an emotive purchase
At Silverpoint Display we are passionate about retail display. We love to create stunning displays to make your brand stand out. We love to make sales figures jump. And we love it when our clients tell us we’ve made a difference.
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Personal in-store experience leads to emotive purchase

Personal in-store experience leads to emotive purchase

As the retail industry continues to chase consumer demand for more in-store interaction and personalisation, some surprising frontrunners can be found in the fast developing lifestyle sector.

With unprecedented interest in lifestyle brands and must-have homeware, brands are taking bigger steps to engage younger professionals with quality and design, actively seeking brand loyalty in long term opportunities.

The White Company hare one such retailer taking big steps to engage with customers by offering a personal in-store experience…

The White Company’s destination Marylebone, London store has been created with the intention of illustrating how to achieve the perfect night’s sleep.

The entire store concept is designed to look and feel like a bedroom environment, from low-level soft lighting and made up bedside tables, to rugs, wall dressings and curtains. The shopper is immediately immersed into a slumber wonderland.

Their ‘Sleep Studio’ offers a unique sensory experience to help customers select their ideal bed and linen. The design focuses on touch and the importance of physical experience when choosing materials – emotive selection if you will. Products are displayed together letting customers feel each element; beds, mattresses, headboard, duvets, pillows, toppers and linen.

The design and layout takes inspiration from the fitting rooms found in clothing stores, encouraging shoppers to think differently about how they select their bed and accessories. In this respect, customers are encouraged to ‘try-on’. Dual-function oversized fabric swatches hang from display walls, inviting customers to test products; lay their head on the pillows and wrap themselves in duvets, whilst also displaying product features and specifications, once more encouraging emotive purchases.

The store’s themed, dreamy displays and layout are complemented with the use of a soft, informal font for all in-store graphics, messages and directional signage which subconsciously encourages customers to relax and therefore, open their minds to ideas and buy.

The floor space is divided with the use of Crittall-style windows offering multi-purpose engagement by using the transparent units to separate the physical space, whilst allowing visibility across the departments and using inspirational text within individual, sporadic panes of glass. The effect makes the messages appear like framed pictures, suggesting those values are important, reassuring customers of the brand whilst keeping their attention.

At Silverpoint Display we work with brands and retailers to bring in-store experiences to life through engaging retail display solutions.

We work with our customers to meet the needs of their business, to boost ROI and brand loyalty. We identify creative, design and technology solutions which offer them bespoke solutions, working together from the initial brief to installation. Call our knowledgeable team on 0203 714 4858 or email info@silverpointdisplay.co.uk to see how your store can achieve more.