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Interactive window display from Ted Baker

Interactive window display from Ted Baker

Who says customer interaction needs to be in-store? Retailer Ted Baker is bucking the trend by introducing an interactive window display to its London Regent Street store.

The campaign, dubbed “Keeping up with the Bakers” invites passers-by to approach the interactive window display and peer into the make-believe world of the Baker family to view them ‘living’ in the fictitious setting via palm print window sensors. When activated, the technology comes to life and depicts this family in their home environment. The home-ware products on display and clothing are all from the Ted Baker collection.

Those viewing are photographed in their ‘nosey neighbour’ stance and their image is projected into the scene, whether it be on the face of one of the family members, on the television screen of the home or in a thought bubble of the family – or their pet dog! Images of participants can be found online at where they can also then be shared via social media

All in the name of fun, whilst playing on the natural curiosity of the passing public, the “Keeping up with the Bakers” window display and family of actors is now touring major Ted Baker branches across Europe. This must be the definitive ‘bringing the brand to life’ and raising brand awareness in collaboration with social media activity is stepping up to yet another level in brand recognition!

Fully integrated digital campaign

This concept fully absorbs online and digital elements. Ted Bakers website lets customers explore the Baker’s home in full 360° perspective, as well as selecting featured items they may like to add to their online shopping bag en route. As we navigate through each room of the home (by scrolling on mobile, or click and dragging on desktop), we can zoom in on Baker family members to view their outfits in closer detail. By clicking the shopping trolley icon, shoppers can select which elements of the outfit they want to add to their cart. It’s not just clothing either; selected home-ware products are displayed throughout the virtual home and are available to add straight to the shopping cart too.

This is a great example of a well interpreted and fully integrated marketing strategy which works because it’s meeting us, the consumer, on our own level. We can’t help being nosey Parkers – or Bakers!

Follow the #meetthebakers hashtag across social medias channels for all the latest from the campaign.

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