Retailers encourage in-store interactions to enhance UX- it sells more!
At Silverpoint Display we are passionate about retail display. We love to create stunning displays to make your brand stand out. We love to make sales figures jump. And we love it when our clients tell us we’ve made a difference.
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Retailers encourage physical in-store interaction – it sells more products…

Retailers encourage physical in-store interaction – it sells more products…

Test-driving items, experiencing how different materials make you feel, which ones you prefer by touching and physically engaging with products in-store is revolutionising the buying experience.

The ‘do not touch’ ethos of homeware stores which used to be drilled into us in the past is becoming obsolete as more retailers encourage physical interaction. It sells more products.

Dreams are quite literally embracing this concept by inviting its customers to sit, stretch out and climb on their beds. We’re fairly sure they draw the line at jumping on the beds but this sounds like the next natural step and a great satisfaction test ahead of purchase, especially for children’s beds!

Whilst perhaps lacking a little in elegance compared with high-end competitors like The White Company, Dreams are trying to differentiate themselves by using a number of notable customer experience and interaction techniques in-store. They are no less appealing to their customer demographic and show the need to rise to the challenge and compete with the best of the rest.

A calm has been given to the busy collection of beds Dreams display with the introduction of a softer, simpler shopping environment. Touch and feel ‘test-pots’ containing stuffing options are strategically placed around the store, allowing shoppers to sample their preferred mattress filling ahead of purchase. These props add interest and useful information about product material and manufacture. Friendly, informal graphics illustrating lifestyle scenes are highlighting the importance of a good nights sleep.

The previous ‘Comfort by Colour’ mattress selector campaign has been given a creative update and a simplified buying process is presented via large panels. These well-placed panels – textured fret cut screens – guide customers through product options, helping them choose the most suitable bed and mattress as well as acting as natural dividers between the large expanse of beds in the showroom. They aid navigation between product groups without blocking views, which all helps encourage an easy route to buy.

At Silverpoint Display we work with brands and retailers to bring in-store experiences to life through engaging retail display solutions.

We work with our customers to meet the needs of their business, to boost ROI and brand loyalty. We identify creative, design and technology solutions which offer them bespoke solutions, working together from the initial brief to installation.

Call our knowledgeable team on 0203 714 4858 or email to see how your store can achieve more.