EXHIBITING IN BOLOGNA - Silverpoint Display
At Silverpoint Display we are passionate about retail display. We love to create stunning displays to make your brand stand out. We love to make sales figures jump. And we love it when our clients tell us we’ve made a difference.
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We were delighted to head to Cosmoprof, one of the biggest hair and beauty trade shows with our clients, Stranded and BYS recently.

We’ve developed a bit of a reputation as a business that likes to be there every step of the way, so our office team and our MD headed to Bologna to install two impressive stands.

When creating stands for our clients, we take great pleasure in perfecting the fine details. We want our clients’ vision to come to life, and seeing the finished product is always very rewarding for us.

The BYS brand is all about colour and vibrancy, which allowed for this really nice and eye-catching floral design to the back of the stand, which complimented the products on display at the show.

Bringing this brand to life is always a fun one for us, and we were really pleased with the outcome – more importantly so were the BYS team.

They got some great engagement during the show, which we’d like to think is partly down to their stand – but we know their cruelty free, vegan ethos, alongside their high-quality, high-fashion brand was always sure to create footfall all on its own.

Take a look at the photos from other angles…

Next it was onto Stranded. Their brand is a lot more sleek and minimal, and their online presence and products feature their signature bow that we wanted to bring to life in Bologna.

These bows have become synonymous with their brand, so to lose such strong imagery that is well noticed among the hair and beauty audience wasn’t an option.

Interactivity is the name of the game for Stranded, so we helped them create an exhibition experience that showcased their products, had plenty of space for live demos and integrated multi-media into the experience. It was also really important that passers by were able to sit comfortably to have a consultation with the team and test the product.

It could have been a challenge to show just how durable and high-quality Stranded’s hair options are, but by placing light underneath the shelf where the hair was displayed allowed the product to be showcased in an eye-catching and neat way.

The other side of the stand also allowed for a full demonstration of the product. This was hugely popular throughout the event, with people coming for a little bit of much-needed TLC on their locks while looking round at the other exhibitors – we believe they left with a great opinion on the product, which was what Stranded set out to do.

While we were there, we couldn’t resist seeing what our competition had been up to with their clients, and we were greeted with some really great and striking exhibition ideas.

Niche Beauty Labs embraced their name and provided delegates with this fun and engaging ‘lab’ to showcase their products.

Using simple white shelving and steel barrels similar to what is seen in labs was a really quirky way to exhibit their brand.

We loved the external walls of this display too – it really caught our eye.

As well as the external parts of the stand, we also loved this neon sign. In this new age of social media, adding these parts to a stand makes it instantly sharable, and putting their social handles underneath this photo op was a great move.

As a brand that calls themselves beauty’s best kept secret, it’s a great way for them to get that brand awareness everyone wants from an exhibition appearance.

Other quirky things we enjoyed during our time at Cosmoprof were these…

We loved this alternative way of using exhibition space. A nostalgic nod to an ice-cream van style way to sell produce, again, this type of design is shareable and increases brand awareness (this blog being a prime example).

It’s always great for us to look around at these exhibitions and to help a client’s idea come to life. Another enjoyable exhibition for the team.

If you’re interested in showcasing your brand in the very best way, we’re on a mission to wow your potential customers at every opportunity.

Get in touch today.