AR and VR to be used to enhance the customer experience in retail
At Silverpoint Display we are passionate about retail display. We love to create stunning displays to make your brand stand out. We love to make sales figures jump. And we love it when our clients tell us we’ve made a difference.
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Improve customer experience and conversion with AR and VR

Improve customer experience and conversion with AR and VR

Following on from last week’s blog where we discussed the need for an industry wide uptake of augmented and virtual reality technologies, here we take an in-depth look at one home furnishings retailer who has embraced new technology and the opportunity it brings.

DFS recently announced the roll out of digital signage across its 110 UK stores with the objective of increasing conversion.

In a sector saturated with customer indecision and a long path to purchase, home decorating and furnishing retailers are being urged to motivate deliberating browsers into buyers.

With space, practicality and cost to consider, a sofa company cannot display every specification, style and colour combination available in every one of its stores. The solution for DFS was simple: digital signage and tablets for staff to display any combination of sofa style, colour and fabric choice. Customers can see accurate, to-scale images using portable digital screens to personalise their individual choice, so aiding decision making and purchase.

DFS were already using hand-held devices to show potential customers the scope of products, but the addition of the life-size digital screens is a game changer. Many consumers struggle to visualise the dimensions of new furniture and its physical appearance in their home, particularly items on display in large showrooms, where bigger furniture can appear smaller than the confines of a living space.

Introduction of the digital screen removes uncertainty, allowing the consumer to “see” their chosen design in any combination and with the life-size image on screen, fabric swatch book in hand, DFS customers are given the opportunity to buy without ever sitting on their chosen sofa. During trials at selected stores, DFS experienced such an increase in sales that the concept was rolled-out nationwide faster than planned.

If you’re interested in exploring the use of AR and VR technologies in your retail business the Silverpoint Display team can help you find the best solution for your individual business needs. From research and design, to manufacture and installation we offer full service retail display solutions for any business.

We are passionate about our partnerships and we relish the opportunity to make sales figures jump. Talk to us on 0203 714 4858 or email